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CSPC is one of the largest enteriprises for nonproprietary preparations and the main manufacturing base of antibiotic preparations.
The products cover antibiotic, digestives, cardiovasculars, antipyretics, vitamin and so on, and includes lyophilized powder, powder for injection, capsules, tablets, granules and so on. The main produts includes: benzylpenicillin sodium, ampicillin sodium, cefazolin sodium, cafradin, ceftriaxone, cefotaxime sodium, cefoperazone sodium, amoxicillin capsule, amoxicillin dispersible tablet, amoxicillin granule, etc. We have powerful production capacity for preparations: the annual production capacity for powder for injections is 1.3billion, capsules 5.0billion, and tablets 5.0billion. CSPC is the main manufacturing base of pharmaceutical preparations in China. 
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