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  CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited (hereinwith called CSPC Pharma.) was founded on August 21, 1997 by the strong union of Hebei Pharmaceutical Group company, Shijiazhuang No.1 Pharmaceutical Group Company, and so on, total 4 companies.
It is the first one of the oversized pharmaceutical enterprises that were founded by strong union in pharmaceutical industry and a backbone enterprise group of Hebei Province. ......
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In this Group
China Pharma (HK 1093)
Hebei Zhongrun (Antibiotics)
Zhongnuo (Formulation)
Weisheng (VC)
Huarong (VB12)
NBP Pharmaceutical
Zhongqi pharmacy
“To make good medicine, be an upright person first” is the faith and ethic of CSPC staffs, and it fosters the unique enterprise culture of CSPC. Persisting in the corporate tenet of “All for good medicine, all for mankind’s health” and “People-oriented development & harmonious development”, CSPC creates the best humanistic environment for staffs through its concern, respect and trust, and forms the corporate culture of “honest, upright, wisdom, faith & excellence” and “fairness, benevolence, diligency & altruism”......
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Butylphthalide and Soft Capsules Awarded the National Science and Technology Advancement Prize
CSPC Pharma. Concerned Yushu , Donated Value of more than 1.3 million RMB Drugs and Funds
Butylphthalide Project Elected as The Most Internationally-Influential Medical News in 2009
Hohhot Government Fully Support Development and Construction of Enterprise
State Food and Drug Administration leaders investigated CSPC Pharma.
Minster Wan Gang Investigated Science and Technology Innovation of CSPC
CSPC Pharma. Won the "2009 Social Responsibility Award for a Willing Ox"
CSPC Pharma. Spare No Effort to Build the Great Wall in Rural Safe Medication
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