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CSPC Pharma. Spare No Effort to Build the Great Wall in Rural Safe Medication

Invested more than 500 Million, Full Support for "Drug Safety, Focus on Rural Area " to Carry out Large-scale Science Popularization Campaign

To further implement the central issue No.1 document in 2010, to disseminate food and drug safety science knowledge, and to improve rational drug use and drug safety consciousness to the vast rural area, jointly sponsored by SFDA(State Food and Drug Administration)and SARFT(State Administration of Radio Film and Television), undertaken by CPA(Chinese Pharmaceutical Association) and CFGC(China film group corporation),participated by CSPC Pharma., in the theme of "drug safety, focus on rural area ", the opening ceremony for propaganda activity of national rural cinema was held on April 1st in Jinggangshan city, Jiangxi Province. Deputy director of SFDA Li Jiping, director of SARFT Tong Gang, SFDA, SARFT, China association for science and technology and related ministries and leaders of Jiangxi Province and Jinggangshan city attended the ceremony. More than 3000 people came to watch spontaneously. The activity won the local people’s extensive concern, and achieved good effect.
Propaganda activity of national rural cinema is one of the main content of "drug safety, focus on rural area " large-scale science popularization campaign, and will show 30,000 movies during half a year in rural areas in 15 provinces including Hebei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, etc. This activity promotes the drug safety knowledge to the rural area, enhances peasants safety consciousness and the ability of rational drug use, and will play a very important role for rural medical use level and health level of farmers.
It is reported that CSPC Pharma. invested more than 500 million, and exclusive co-organizer of this event, is the nation’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Since the group formed, they has been adhering to the " All for Good Medicine, All for Mankind’s Health " company commitment and producing safe and effective drugs mission. Its key products include antibiotic, vitamin, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular medicine, antipyretic and analgesic drug and respiratory drug, etc, six series in total and nearly 1,000 varieties with reliable quality and wild sales network in the whole country. Meanwhile, CSPC Pharma. enthusiastic about public welfare. During the 12 years since the company was formed, CSPC Pharma. has invested more than 60 million RMB, and actively carry out corporate social responsibility. In 2009, CSPC Pharma. realized RMB 10.6 billion of sales revenue (excluding tax), RMB 1.46 billion of profits payments and tax turnover and RMB 1.21 billion of profits; the whole Group earned USD 450 million of foreign exchanges by direct export, ranking the first among Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises.  “CSPC” brand is one of “Well-known Trademarks of China” and named one of Top 500 Most Valuable Chinese Brands.

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