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Minster Wan Gang Investigated Science and Technology Innovation of CSPC

On May 7th, Wan Gang, Vice Chairman of The CPPCC National Committee, National Science and Technology Minister, accompanied by chairman of the CPPCC Liu Dewang in Hebei Province, Vice Governor Long Zhuangwei, Provincial Science and Technology Department Director Jia Hongxing, Mayor Ai Wenli and other leaders, investigated and researched science and technology innovation of CSPC Pharma.

Minster Wan Gang, and the group heard report of R&D team building, R&D Investment and commitment to national critical research project process by CSPC Pharma. chairman Cai Dongchen, visited Drug Research Institute of CSPC Pharma., and affirmed the R&D work.

Minster Wan Gang emphasized, based on the economic globalization background, people health care needs are growing, pharmaceutical enterprise in particular large enterprise like CSPC Pharma, should strengthen multi-disciplinary, cross-cutting and cooperation at home and abroad, apply the different way of thinking, through innovation and technological breakthroughs of knowledge, research and development more good medicines for the people.

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