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CSPC Pharma. Concerned Yushu , Donated Value of more than 1.3 million RMB Drugs and Funds


On April 14th, residents of China’s remote Yushu County were attacked by a magnitude earthquake. The old plateau small town became rubble and ruins immediately. At the critical moment, CSPC Pharma. gave a helping hand. On April 15th, we contacted Yushu Provincial Department of Public Health and League of Red Cross through Hebei Provincial Department of Public Health and League of Red Cross emergently. On April 16th, CSPC PHarma. held the "My Heart to Yu-shu, with one million donation" campaign, donated value of 500,000 RMB drugs and 500,000 RMB Funds. Liu Xiaohan ---Deputy Director of Health Department of Hebei Province, attended the donation activity. He showed his thanks and respect for CSPC’s donation and accepted the love donation on behalf of the disaster area.
At the donation ceremony, Mr. Cai Dongchen, chairman of CSPC Pharma. said, disaster no mercy, but people. CSPC Pharmaceutical Group is willing to help people to rebuild their homes dedicated. Believe that with the correct leadership of the party and the government, with the concern and support of the whole community, the affected people will be able to overcome all difficulties and the disaster.
Meanwhile, staffs quickly arouse activities of love in the group, they donated actively. They supported people suffered by the earthquake in many ways in order to help them through hard times and rebuild their home. They explained the concept of "All for Good Medicine, All for Mankind’s Health" with their practical action.
On April 26th, staffs of CSPC Pharma. have donated total 325937.4 RMB for the people of disaster area. On April 27th, the Group union transferred the love donation to the Red Cross of Hebei Province.

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