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  Raw material
 The antibiotics  and vitamin series are the leading products of enterprise, which are produced through the biological fermentation of corn, starch and other natural agricultural products. At present, the annual productivity of following products all ranks the first in the world: Vitamin C: 30000tons/year; Bulk Penicillin: 15000 tons/year; 7-ACA: 1600 tons/year; Amoxicillin: 5000 tons/year. Also the productivity of caffeine and ranitidine hold an important position in the domestic and foreign markets. In addition, for the following products, the annual productivities are: the powder for injections: 3 billion vials/year; tablets: 20 billion tablets/year; capsules: 5 billion capsules/year; soft capsules: 1 billion. To sum up, the leading products of CSPC all rank the top in China for its productivity, scale and strength, and has an expanding influence in the world.
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